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Can I export my customer details?

In the menu under customers > options you have the possibility to export your customer data. Click on the button export customers

As soon as you have clicked the button, you will receive an e-mail with the link do download the csv file.


Click here to go directly to the Customers menu item of your calendar


exported data are:

columnname description
first_name First name (e.g. Max)
last_name Last name (e.g. Mustermann)
gender gender (male or female)
email email (e.g. max@gmail.com)
mobile mobilephone number
birthday birtday (e.g. 31.12.1988)
adress_street street and house number
adress_postal_code zip code
adress_city city
additional_attributes creates a customer note with this content
tags If you have added customers to specific groups. Multiple groups are separated by comma (e.g. VIP, Teenagers)