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Frequently asked questions about the Google calendar sync

In this article we'll answer all common questions around the Google calendar synchronization.

How can I sync my Google calendar with Shore?

Read this article to find out how to sync my Google calendar with Shore.

How many Google calendars can be synced with one Shore account?

You can set up a Google calendar synchronization for each individual user account in Shore. This means that each employee with their own login can sync their Google calendar with Shore.

Can I link a specific Google calendar with Shore?

When setting up the Google calendar synchronization, you are asked to choose the Google account you’d like to connect with Shore. This means that all Google calendars created with this account will be automatically linked with the employee’s Shore calendar.

Important: You cannot choose a specific Google calendar – Shore will always connect to all Google calendars linked with the selected Google account.

Which appointments are synced between Google and Shore?

There are two rules for syncing appointments:

  1. Only new appointments are synced, i.e. appointments scheduled after the time the synchronization is set up. This applies to both appointments synced from Shore to Google and vice versa.
  2. Only your own appointments, i.e those assigned to you, will show up in your Google calendar.

How can I recognize appointments synced from my Google calendar in Shore?

Appointments synced from your Google calendar are marked with a G in Shore. The appointment details show whose Google calendar they belong to.

Who can see which appointments from my Google calendar in Shore?

The visibility of synced appointments is determined by the user role:

  • Admins and Owners can see all synced appointments of all employees.
  • Members can see their own synced appointments as well as those of any subordinated employees.

What happens if I change appointments in my Google calendar?

You can change synced appointments in your Google calendar. They are then automatically updated in your Shore calendar (this may take a while).

Important: When you change appointments in Google, you do not have the option to inform your customer automatically about the change.

What happens if I delete synced appointments?

When you delete a synced appointment in either Google or Shore, it will also be deleted in the calendar where it was originally created. It may take a few minutes to update the other calendar.

Important: When you delete appointments in Google, you do not have the option to inform your customer automatically about the change.

Note: Owners, Admins and Members with subordinated employees are able to delete appointments from the Shore calendar that have been synced from other employees’ calendars. These will then also be deleted in their respective Google calendars.

What happens with the synced appointments after disabling the synchronization?

Once you disable the synchronization with your Google calendar, all synced Google appointments will be removed from your Shore calendar. Please note that it may take a while for the calendar to get updated.