Use Google My Business to gain new customers

Why should you have a Google My Business account?

• Improve your online visibility and be found online easily

• Let customers schedule appointments with you conveniently through Google

• Be listed on Google Maps

• The account is free

Creating a Google Account

If you don’t have a Google Account yet, you can easily set up one for free here.

Once you’re done, sign up for Google My Business and follow the confirmation process.

 Make sure you pay special attention to these things:

  • Fill in all fields completely and correctly
  • Don’t use any name variations or abbreviations
  • Check whether all information provided is consistent with that on your website
  • Select relevant categories to make sure your business gets found in searches
  • Select attributes that adequately describe your business

Connecting your booking form with your Google account

Should your business not qualify for the booking through Reserve with Google, you can also just add a link to your booking form to your Google listing:

Open your Shore account and go to Settings - Booking Widget. Click on BOOK NOW to get to your booking form



Copy the URL which is displayed in your browser’s address line.

Now open your Google My Business account, click on Info and paste the URL under Appointment URL.



Done! Now your customers can book your services directly through your Google listing.