What are the options to include the online booking function on my website?

Shore offers different options to include your booking button on the website. You can find the different settings directly in the product here.

Fixed integration of the booking button at the desired position

This option is usually supported by all website building kits. It is sufficient to connect the link to your booking page with a simple button. You can get the link here by clicking Book Now and copying the URL.

Floating booking button 

The button is always positioned in the same place on all sub-pages of the website (bottom right or left possible). 
This is a slightly more complex variant, for whose implementation you need access to the <head> element of your website (many construction kits do not offer this).
However, the implementation is relatively simple. Click here and copy the code from point 6. into the <head> element of your page.

Floating booking button positioned

The booking function is integrated in a window at a specific position on your website. Here is a selection of different variants of how the floating button can be designed. The implementation requires advanced technical knowledge.

Reduced design:

Complete iFrame: