Adding individual booking hours for your employees

If the working hours of individual employees differ from the general booking hours of your business, you can set up individual booking hours for these employees. The individual booking hours are managed directly in the employee profile:

  1. Open the main menu and click on Set up your company > Staff.
  2. Select the desired employee profile
  3. Under "Booking Settings" on the right, select the option Individual booking hours from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter all the times during which the employee is available for online bookings.

    Note: If the option Individual booking hours is selected in an employee profile, this employee's availability for online bookings is no longer determined by the general booking hours, but the individual booking hours indicated in his or her profile. For this reason it is important that the indicated times are complete and correct.

    If your employee's working hours are irregular, you can use the shift plan to manage your employees' availability for online bookings.