Follow-Up Appointments


Our Follow-up Appointments feature is designed to empower our customers to effortlessly schedule the next appointment for their customers before they leave the store, right when they are most satisfied with the service they received. The feature simplifies the process by pre-populating the appointment creation panel with data from the current appointment and displaying availability for the same set of services a few weeks in the future.

Follow-up Appointments will be a feature available to Calendar subscribers in the POS+ and All-In-One packages.

Key benefits

Easy Booking: Seamlessly schedule the next appointment based on the details of the current one.
Visual Availability: Quickly visualize available time slots for the same services/employees/resources as the previous appointment.
Customizability: Easily customize the next appointment, such as choosing a different employee, without losing the original appointment details.
Customer Loyalty: Facilitates building customer loyalty and recurring revenue by engaging customers at the right moment.

Step-by-Step Guide for Scheduling Follow-up Appointments

  1. Complete the Current Appointment
    Ensure that the current service appointment, such as hair coloring, is successfully completed, and the customer is satisfied with the results.
  2. Initiate Follow-up Appointment
    1. Hover over the just-completed appointment in the calendar.
    2. Locate and click on the new button added to the appointment details panel, specifically designed for initiating Follow-up Appointments.
  3. Review Pre-filled Appointment Creation Panel
    1. Instantly, a pre-filled appointment creation panel appears on the right-hand side of your screen.
    2. Review the panel to find all details from the original appointment automatically filled in, including customer information, service details, notes about the color mix, employee name, service duration, and resource requirements.
  4. Customize if Necessary
    1. If any adjustments are needed, you have the flexibility to customize specific details.
    2. Make changes, if required, while ensuring that the essential information from the original appointment is retained.
  5. Explore Available Time Slots
    1. Shift your focus to the left-hand side of the screen, where the calendar view displays available time slots.
    2. Clear visibility allows you to identify all available slots for providing the same service in the future.
  6. Navigate to the Desired Week
    1. Navigate to the desired week for scheduling the follow-up appointment.
    2. Use the calendar view to easily move between different weeks and identify the most suitable time.
  7. Consider Customer Preferences
    1. Check the customer's general preferences regarding the date and time.
    2. Offer a few possibilities based on the available slots, keeping in mind the customer's convenience.
  8. Optional - Involve the Customer
    1. Since only free and busy information is displayed in this calendar view, confidently show the screen to the customer.
    2. Allow the customer to pick a preferred time without revealing information about other customers' appointments.
  9. Finalize the Appointment
    1. Once the best time is decided, click the button to finalize the scheduling of the new appointment.
    2. Confirm the details and ensure that the customer receives confirmation of the follow-up appointment.
Congratulations! You have successfully utilized the Follow-up Appointments feature to streamline the process of scheduling the next session for the customer, contributing to enhanced customer loyalty and recurring revenue.



  • This feature is available exclusively for the web version of the calendar.
  • The initial date proposed for the follow-up appointment will be 2 weeks after the original appointment. Users have the flexibility to edit this date as needed.
  • You cannot create a Follow-up Appointment without specifying a service. The service is a mandatory parameter for determining the availability in the selected time-range.