I cannot connect my Facebook and Instagram profile to Shore. What can I do?

You've tried to connect your Instagram and Facebook profile with Shore and got an error message? In this case, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Remove your booking button (if available) on Instagram and Facebook
  2. Delete the link with Shore Booking from your Facebook account
  3. Check if your Instagram & Facebook pages are linked
  4. Open your Facebook business page to restart the setup


If the integration still doesn't work, there are alternative ways to still offer your online booking on Instagram:

1. Instagram story with link sticker:
You can share the link to your booking page in an Instagram story by using the link sticker. Stories have a high reach and you can direct your followers directly to the booking page.

2. story highlight:
Create a story highlight that focuses specifically on booking appointments. Here you can combine several stories with the link sticker so that your followers can access the booking page at any time, even if the stories disappear after 24 hours.

3. profile with link:
Place the link to your booking page in your Instagram bio. This is an easy way to provide your followers with permanent access to the booking page. Make sure that you refer to the link in your bio in your posts and stories.

4. post and pin the post:
Publish a post informing your followers about the online booking option and share the link to the booking page. You can also pin this post to your profile so that it is always displayed at the top of your feed and is easily accessible.

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