What is the difference between a newsletter and an automated email?


A newsletter is an email that is sent once to several recipients. With a newsletter, you can inform customers easily and effectively about things like special offers, news or events, and send thank you notes and a little gift to loyal customers. Newsletters are also perfect for seasonal marketing campaigns, e.g. during Easter or Christmas.

You decide to which recipients each newsletter will be sent. This allows you to specifically target specific customers or customer groups, and tailor the content to the selected group. You can also decide when each newsletter should be sent out.

Automated email

Automated emails are created once and automatically sent over and over again whenever a specific event occurs: 

  • Birthday: An automated birthday email is sent automatically on or before the birthday of every customer in the recipient list (provided their email and birthday are stored in your customer database).
  • Reactivation: This email will be sent automatically when a certain time has passed since the last appointment of a customer in the recipient list (you can specify the interval when setting up the email).

The text, images and attachments of the email will be the same every time it is sent out, but each customer will be addressed personally.

Automated campaigns are useful because they allow you to reach out to customers easily and effectively.

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