What is the widget in the Shore listings?

A widget is an add-on that can be created via Shore and installed onto your website to sync and display content such as social posts and the Enhanced Content Lists. Widgets are installed using HTML embed codes or a WordPress plug-in (if applicable). We recommend to use the HTML embed codes. Once installed, the Enhanced Content Lists update in real time when changes are submitted in your Knowledge Manager and posts can be sent directly to your website from Shore.

Types of Widgets:

Social Posts

Use this type of widget to share social posts onto your website. Your social posts widget is automatically updated to include the most recent posts you created via Shore and you can customize its appearance to match your site.

Content Lists (Products & Services, Menus, Staff Bios, Calendars)

Use this type of widget to add your Enhanced Content Lists on your website. This is a great way to feature your business’ Products & Services, Staff Bios, Menus, and Events on your website.