Which requirements do I need to fulfill to use Reserve with Google?

Important: Please note that bookings via Google are always direct bookings, meaning that you will not receive an appointment request. You can still use the appointment request mode for bookings made via Shore, if you like. Any customer data besides name, email, and phone number you might ask for in your Shore booking form will not be displayed when booking through Google.

To offer direct booking via Google, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Your business is in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, or Italy
  • You have a Google my Business account (to create a Google my Business account you need to have a general Google account. Click here for instructions for the My Business account)
  • Your business is in beauty, fitness, wellness, photography studio, pet grooming, fine arts class or education categories
  • Your services do not require insurance and are not subject to specific legal regulations (like healthcare, childcare, etc.)
  • Your business should have a physical location with an address (no services that are “on demand” or “mobile-based”)
  • You have at least one online bookable service in your Shore system
  • The services in your Shore system are all priced 
  • Online payment is not possible

After we send your data to Google, the booking button will appear. Your customer needs to be logged into Google to be able to book via Google. If you cannot find the “Book” button on your Google listing yet, just let us know and we are happy to check if we can set the feature up for you.