How do I add a new employee?

Open the main menu and click on Set up your company. Now click on Staff. In the window that opens, click on + New Employee.

The last name and email address are required fields, all other information is optional.

Note: Each e-mail address may only be used once.

Once you’ve finished creating the employee profile, the employee will receive an email invitation to use Shore. If you don’t want an employee to have access to the system, open the corresponding employee profile and disable the option Allow this employee to log in. Save your changes.

Click here for more information about the permissions associated with each type of access.

You can adjust a number of other settings in the employee profile:

 ●  Services: Select the services the employee can provide

 ●  Show during booking process: This option allows you to display the respective employee in the online booking form, so your customers can choose him/her specifically when scheduling an appointment online.

 ●  Bookable during: If the employee’s availability differs from the General booking hours, you can define Individual booking hours here. This is not necessary if you work with the shift plan.