Create your own Thank You page - Facebook tracking workaround

We offer here a complete integration of your own Thank You page where you can place your Facebook conversion pixel.


In order to set up a redirection to a Thank You page, you will need:

The Thank You page allows you to track successful booking using the Look and Feel of your site.
Most importantly, it allows you to add any kind of conversion pixel (like the Facebook Pixel for example) without adding anything inside, 

The redirection script to the thank you page is available in our GTM tracking template.

Please visit this page for a full explanation on how to import and configure the Shore tracking template

All the elements to manage the redirection to the Thank You page and the Facebook purchase events are pre-installed. You only need to customize your Thank You page url and your Facebook pixel ID. Please read carefully the description below.

Steps in Google Tag Manager

1. Customize your Facebook pixel and Thank you page

After you install the Shore Tracking template, you need to customize the following elements:


Variable: Facebook pixel id

Google-Tag-Manager (6)


Variable: url of the thank you page. 

Please avoid query parameters in the url. Only use a raw url.

Google-Tag-Manager (7)


Trigger: Thank You page

Google-Tag-Manager (8)


2. Unpause the Facebook tags

Your setup is now ready. You have now to unpause 3 tags:

  • Facebook Base Tag
  • Facebook Purchase Tag: it includes the product name and the total amount
  • Thank You page redirect Tag

Google-Tag-Manager (9)

3. Push your changes live !