Live reports POS Manager

POS Manager offers you the possibility to track your sales in real time and to view individual time periods.
To do this, go to Reports > Live Reports in the menu.

Note for Shore All-in-One customers:
In Shore Calendar, in addition to the calendar reports, you will find a report whose data is based on the integration with the Shore POS system. We have summarized more information for you in the following article: The Shore POS Reports

When you open the live reports, you will first see a summary of the current day's sales. You can now make the following settings:

Select a time period

In the upper area on the right side you can define the period more precisely using the drop-down menu by specifying the start and end date or by selecting one of the predefined options.

Change the appearance of the graph

Here you can select whether the graph should display an hourly, daily or weekly interval.

Export data

Above the graph you will find the export function. Here you can export the sales and bestseller report for the selected period as an Excel spreadsheet.

Note: This function is currently not supported. Please use the download function to download the reports. Go to Reports > Downloads 

Read sales on the graph

The overview shows you your turnover and margin. In addition, total sales, invoices and returns are listed individually. 

The darker line represents your turnover, while the lighter one symbolizes your margin. Hovering over a spot on the graph will show you the exact revenue numbers at that time.

Invoice and sold product details

In the Live Reports dashboard you will find various tiles that show you the following:

  • Total revenue
  • Margin
  • Average basket value
  • Sold products
  • Invoices: a list of the last invoices, including the assigned customer / Returns: a list of all invoice corrections in the period
  • Revenue by payment method: a summary of all payment methods used and their totals
  • Bestseller: the most sold products in the selected time period
  • Last transactions: a list of all transactions across all payment methods in the period