Managing booking hours and absences

Configuring your booking hours

In order to receive online bookings with Shore, you must first add your booking hours to your account. There are several ways to configure your employees' availability for bookings:

  1. By entering general booking hours for your business or branch
  2. By entering individual booking hours for specific employees
  3. By entering shifts in the shift plan (Shore Plus only)

Note: If the shift plan is activated, the booking availability of all employees depends on the shift plan.

Managing absences

In addition to your booking times, you must also enter all of your employees' absences in the calendar so that you do not receive any bookings during these times. There are several ways to enter absences in the calendar:

  1. By adding closed dates or holidays in your Company Settings
  2. By entering employee absences directly in the calendar
  3. By entering absences in the shift plan (Shore Plus only)