How do I create a newsletter?

The Shore newsletter feature allows you to keep your customers up to date about the latest news, including new service offers, changes to business hours, or promotions:

  1. Open the main menu and click on Newsletter.
  2. Click on New Campaign > New Newsletter to create a newsletter.
  3. Click on a tile to choose a template. You can also click on the last tile in the list to create a newsletter without a template.
  4. Click on Next Step at the top.
  5. In the edit window on the left, you can change the subject, image, title, and text. All changes are displayed in real-time in the preview on the right. 
  6. Click on Next Step at the top.
  7. Select the customers who should receive the newsletter. You can select all customers, specific groups or specific recipients.
  8. Click on Next Step at the top.
  9. Review the text and the selected recipients. To make changes, click < Newsletter at the top to return to the edit window.
  10. Click Send now to send the newsletter. 

Your email will be displayed in the newsletter overview. Click on the email to see the content and the performance statistics.